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Program Cost

Only $9.99 USD
1st child

*$4.99 USD
*each additional family member.

Receive your cards immediately

     (Helps identify elderly loved ones!)     Global Child Safe ID card for the elderly
    (Assist in recovering other family members!)     Global Child Safe ID card for your pets and other loved ones

Welcome to Global ChildSafe

Global Child Safe is the largest International Child Safety effort in the world and was created in partnership with parents and child rescue experts around the world to assist in the recovery of missing children and family members quickly. Time is truly the enemy when someone goes missing!

This is the most comprehensive and important PROACTIVE measure a parent or guardian can take. You simply cannot be better prepared for an emergency situation than to participate in our Global Child Safe Program.

  • Phase 1: Parents can immediately share the Global Child Safe Card with rescuers.
  • Phase 2: Parents can quickly share information with other rescuers and family members electronically by using their mobile device.
  • Phase 3: Parents can immediately access and print lost or missing posters from any computer or their mobile device and immediately coordinate a search effort.

Global Child Safe ID card for your cell phone

It is very important that everyone that spends time with your child or loved one has the Global Child Safe System with them at all times. Please create and print as many cards and share them as many times as you like for just $9.99 per child. We provide protection for additional children or loved ones, such as the elderly, or your pets for half price, there is no limit!

Crucial information can quickly be shared or electronically transmitted, and has everything rescuers need to find the missing person and just as importantly, nothing they do not. Parents can also quickly link to our program through their mobile device or computer to print lost or missing posters for immediate community response. Both are free service and are always available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our program is safe, secure and always available. Your child's photos and information are not kept or archived at any time and all information is IMMEDIATELY deleted from our secure service as soon as your transaction is complete. The entire process takes less than 5 minutes. No one but you is handling your sensitive information and children’s pictures.

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